Kubernetes Security Trends 2024 | Software Supply Chain Security, Zero Trust and AI

Cloud Security Podcast

Dec 14 2023 • 33 mins

Kubernetes is shaping the future of cloud native technology with interest from security folks, businesses and developers - what does the future of Kubernetes Security look like? At Kubecon NA 2023, we spoke to Emily Fox who is the chair of CNCF's Technical Oversight Committee and Software Engineering Lead at RedHat about how Zero Trust plays out in the Kubernetes environment, challenges and solutions in securing the software supply chain within Kubernetes, the impact of AI workloads on Kubernetes and future of Edge Computing and Kubernetes.

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Questions Asked: (00:00) Introduction (02:23) A bit about Emily (02:51) What is Supply Chain Security? (03:51) What triggered this conversation? (05:10) Supply Chain Security in Managed Kubernetes (06:07) What is Zero Trust? (07:24) Implementing Zero Trust (09:29) The role of Security and Compliance (11:13) Compliance as code in Kubernetes (13:22) What is Edge? (17:41) The impact of AI on Security (20:39) Detection for AI and Kubernetes (22:29) How are the skillsets changing? (25:00) Security for Open Source Projects (28:01) The fun section