Build an Effective AWS Cloud Security Program in 2024

Cloud Security Podcast

Jan 5 2024 • 48 mins

How can you build a robust cloud security program in AWS, particularly as a startup and small to medium-sized businesses navigating AWS in 2024? We spoke to Chris Farris, who is the event chair for fwd:cloudsec, a known cloud security expert and one of the first AWS Heroes for security.

Chris shared his insights on how to build a security strategy that is both practical and effective in today's dynamic cloud environment. From discussing the importance of AWS organizations and Identity Centre to breaking down the complexities of cloud security posture management. You will hear actionable advice and best practices.

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Questions Asked:

(00:00) Introduction

(02:59) A bit about Chris Farris

(03:30) fwd:cloudsec Conference

(04:19) AWS Hero program for Cloud Security

(05:23) Building Effective Cloud Security Programs

(11:39) Top Recommendations for AWS Cloud Security

(13:34) What is AWS IAM Identity Center?

(18:02) How to Set Up AWS IAM Identity Center?

(20:13) Cloud Security in different industries

(29:31) The role of a Cloud Security Engineer

(34:30) Cloud Security Breaches

(38:02) Educational Resources in Cloud Security

(42:41) The Fun Section

Resources spoken about in this episode: fwd:cloudsec AWS IAM Identity Center Leveraging AWS SSO (aka Identity Center) with Google Workspaces

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