Industry Roundtable: Indie Bookstores (with Nicole Brinkley, Lily Rugo, J.T. Greathouse, Jean-Paul Garnier & Meg Wasmer)

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May 26 2023 • 1 hr 11 mins

Join indie booksellers Nicole Brinkley, J.T. Greathouse, Lily Rugo, Jean-Paul Garnier and Meg Wasmer for another FanFiAddict roundtable! During the discussion, these five passionate booksellers delve into the ins and outs of Indie Bookstores, exploring the essentials of brick and mortar bookstores/bookselling, being part of a local book community, recommending the right books to customers, developing relationships with publishers/individual authors and more.

This is the fourth edition of our monthly ROUNDTABLE series, where we bring a handful of authors together to discuss a topic related to SF/F/H, writing craft, publishing and more.


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Nicole Brinkley is a writer, podcaster and bookseller at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY. Find Nicole on Instagram, her personal website or Oblong Books.

J.T. Greathouse is the author of the Pact and Pattern fantasy series, as well as a bookseller at Auntie's Bookstore in Spokane, WA. Find J.T. on Twitter, Amazon, his personal website or Auntie's Bookstore.

Lily Rugo is a bookseller at Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, MA, as well as podcaster and blogger. Find Lily on Twitter, her personal website or Harvard Book Store.

Jean-Paul Garnier is a science fiction author/poet, producer of the Simultaneous Times podcast and owner of Space Cowboy Bookstore in Joshua Tree, CA. Find Jean-Paul on Twitter or Space Cowboy Bookstore.

Meg Wasmer is the co-owner of Copper Dog Books in Beverly, MA. Find Meg on Instagram or Copper Dog Books.


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Intro: "⁠⁠Into The Grid⁠⁠" by MellauSFX

Outro: “⁠⁠Galactic Synthwave⁠⁠” by Divion

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