167. NBL Next Stars, NBA prospects and NBLxNBA with Liam Santamaria, Beau Estes, Casey Frank & Alex Loughton

The Sport Blokes

Sep 25 2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

Recorded 20 September 2023 (with other clips from interviews recorded on same date as when guests appeared in respective episodes: 128, 152, 153, 154 & 155).

(00:22) Introduction

(02:52) With very special thanks again to our guests Liam Santamaria, Beau Estes, Casey Frank & Alex Loughton

(06:54) Context - the NBL, the NBL Next Stars Program & NBLxNBA (Liam Santamaria)

(15:00) Beau Estes on the attraction of Australia and New Zealand and the NBL and NBA as leagues

(16:50) Casey Frank on The New Zealand Breakers success with the NBL Next Stars Program.

(18:00) Rayan Rupert – 2023 NBA Draft Pick #43 Portland Trail Blazers (with thoughts from Casey Frank, Liam Santamaria & Alex Loughton).

(27:18) Mojave King – 2023 NBA Draft Pick #47 LA Lakers.

(29:44) Luke Travers – Perth Wildcats/Melbourne United, 2022 NBA Draft Pick #54 Cleveland Cavaliers (with thoughts from Beau Estes, Alex Loughton & Casey Frank).

(39:21) Hugo Besson – 2022 NBA Draft Pick #58 Milwaukee Bucks (with thoughts from Alex Loughton and Casey Frank).

(42:17) Ariel Hukporti - 2023/2024 NBL Next Star, Melbourne United (with thoughts from Alex Loughton, Liam Santamaria, Beau Estes).

(48:54) The other NBL Next Stars - AJ Johnson, Alexander Sarr, Alex Toohey, Mantas Rubstavicius, Bobi Klintman, Rocco Zikarsky & Trentyn Flowers.

(54:57) A brief update since time of recording

(56:53) Some others of interest – Beau Estes on Kai Sotto (and others), fit and perseverance; Casey Frank on William McDowell-White, transferable NBA skills and the Breakers' NBLxNBA schedule & Alex Loughton then Casey Frank on Keanu Pinder.

(1:06:25) Final Thoughts

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