154. Spontaneous Gordon & Pre-recorded Alex (Loughton)

The Sport Blokes

Jun 4 2023 • 1 hr

Recorded 1 June 2023

(00:22) Welcome (with 'closure' on a Liam Santamaria anecdote from last week's episode)

(03:08) IPL, AFL, State of Origin, Sam Kerr and the FA Cup; French Open

(10:26) Interview (clip): Basketball - Alex Loughton (tune in next week for more including a great anecdote about Luc Longley)

(32:28) NBA: Conference Finals & Finals Picks

(50:27) Trivia without notice (and more NBA)

(1:00:05) Final Thoughts

Check out Loughton 40 Hoops (especially if you're in the Cairns area).

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