164. Noah’s ARC

The Sport Blokes

Aug 31 2023 • 58 mins

Recorded 30 August 2023

(00:22) Kicking off the opening serve: US Open (tennis); Caribbean Premier League (cricket); Major League Baseball.

(11:40) Basketball - FIBA Men’s World Cup: France bows out in the first round to a Latvian team without Kristaps Porzingis; Good stories of the tournament so far including Japan’s first win over a European team; Naturalisation/Rondae Hollis-Jordan?; Olympic Qualification; The Boomers 1st round results; Xavier Cooks; Wouldn’t Bryce Cotton come in handy?; Canada.

(26:22) The Court of Public Opinion (Noah Lyles/NBA)

(37:55) What Made Stu Say Bloody Hell?

(41:10) Football – AFL: Commiserations to Adelaide again as we reflect on the goal umpiring decision that did end up deciding the finals (butterfly effect notwithstanding); Reflections on another big final round; goalkickers; Finals picks; Coleman medal.

(58:00) Final Thoughts

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