The Kingsmill Massacre

The Troubles Podcast

Mar 9 2021 • 23 mins

It was 5.30 in the evening, and sixteen textile workers were in a minibus on their way home from the factory they worked at. Four workers got out at Whitecross and the bus continued on before being flagged down and stopped by a man in a combat uniform. They asked which of the workers were Catholics and the one Catholic man made himself known. He was told to "Get down the road and don't look back". On that fateful evening, the remaining 11 protestant workers who were still on the bus would not be making it home.SOURCES:Article about the massacre: about Kingsmill memorial being attacked: article from the archives: Photo of a memorial: about Sinn Fein rejecting findings of CAIN report: about the families campaign for the truth: kindness and heroism shine out from North’s Kingsmill atrocity: with Alan Black the sole survivor of the massacre, during a chance, encounter on the street.The reporter didn't know who he was and was asking random people on the street about Brexit: regarding the palm print: of Alan Black during inquest: Black RTE Interview: documentary about the Glenanne Gang See for privacy and opt-out information.

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