The Automobile: Part 3

US History Repeated

Jun 1 2022 • 16 mins

We are back at it today with our discussion of the Automobile and how it impacted society.

We are picking up with WWII and the auto industry. Most people don't realize the impact that the auto industry had on the war effort and how the war changed the way people looked at cars.

American GI's returned from WWII re they were driving tanks and flying airplanes. They are seeing European sports cars. The American Automobile industry had to liven things up. As you travel through the decades, you can see American pop culture present within the cars available at the time. The style, the colors, the new frills that cars had like tape players, cd players. Cars like the pick up truck, the station wagon, the minivan all called to different people with different needs for their cars. We are again joined by both Fred Colgren and John Lacko from the Gilmore Car Museum in Michigan as we continue our conversation from the previous podcast.