The Life and Presidency of Calvin Coolidge

US History Repeated

Mar 13 2023 • 35 mins

Our coverage of our 30th President, Calvin Coolidge begins with Warren G. Harding's death.

Calvin Coolidge is known for cleaning up the mess left behind by his predecessor President Harding. He is also famous for being a man of few words earning him the nickname Silent Cal.

We welcome our guest Julie Bartlett Nelson from the Calvin Coolidge Museum and Library. We recorded the conversation between her and Jeananne.

After finishing Harding's term, Coolidge was elected to another term of president. He ran under the slogan "Keep Cool with Coolidge". As president, Coolidge was for small government. He also wanted to keep the country somewhat isolated and did not want to join the League of Nations that formed after World War I. He was for tax cuts, lower government spending, and less aid to struggling farmers.

Coolidge opted not to run for president again in 1928. Although he likely would have won, he felt he had been president long enough.

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