Woodrow Wilson Part 3

US History Repeated

Jan 2 2023 • 38 mins

Jimmy and Jean complete their conversation on Woodrow Wilson and have the three same guests involved with us again.

We would like to thank:

Emily Kilgore, Director of Education and Development at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum

Andrew Philips, Curator at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum

Elizabeth Karcher, President of the Woodrow Wilson House in Washington DC.

We previously covered some of the domestic issues Wilson faced and now cover some of the foreign issues during his presidency.

We delve into the Armenian genocide within the Ottoman Empire, something Turkey still does not acknowledge to this day, as well as other items like the Mexican civil war, the US occupation of Haiti, the Russian Revolution, and the Bolsheviks.

We then round out the podcast with his post presidency, failing health, and the role his wife Edith played in supporting him.

Always more to learn, so take a listen!

-Jimmy & Jean