S2, Episode 07: The Breaks - Part 1

Cold Case: Frozen Tundra

Jun 14 2022 • 18 mins

Since the start of this season of Cold Case: Frozen Tundra, many listeners, community members, and those close to the investigation have provided new and exciting information on the case. In this episode, we cover some of those tips and potential new leads.

Disappointingly - though, in another very real sense, excitingly - investigators close to the case asked Cold Case: Frozen Tundra, just before the show aired, to help keep a couple of the most interesting leads private…at least for a few weeks. We discuss what this means for the investigation moving forward.

After this episode, Cold Case: Frozen Tundra will take a brief, 3-4 week break as we work with investigators to follow up on some exciting new possibilities in the case. We will soon return to discuss those in more detail!

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