Updates + My Testimony

Vivid Moon

Jan 15 2024 • 29 mins

Hello Everyone!

I am back at making Podcasts. I have been on a very emotional journey and have to share some of it with you. Going forward, my Podcasts are going to be more positive and I am going to talk about different things that have happened to me.

I still hear and feel things that normal people can't see or feel. I can probably talk about that in a future episode and how I deal with it. I just wanted this episode to be about my spiritual journey and what I've been up to these days. I am very excited to pick this Podcast back up, and if you feel that this new topic is not for you, I understand.

I plan to be even more real and raw with everyone as I continue my journey with God, and with myself. I can feel my energy increase and I am definitely happier these days.

Have a good day/night!

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