OPLA! #3: “Seven Years” (with Nic Louie)

The One Piece Podcast

Oct 4 2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

This is OPLA! Our limited-run series One Piece live action podcast series. Each week our hosts bring you interviews with some of the talented individuals behind Netflix’s One Piece, as well as a recap and review of the series two episodes at a time.

This week, we have an interview Tomorrow Studios’ Senior VP for Development, and One Piece co-executive producer, Nic Louie! Mr. Louie has been a part of the Tomorrow Studios development team since its launch in 2014, and he has worked with mentors Marty Adelstein (CEO, Tomorrow Studios) and Becky Clements (President, Tomorrow Studios) for nearly ten years. Louie started his career at Gotham Group, a leading literary management company, where he learned the ins-and-outs of film, tv, animation, and publishing. A native of Los Angeles, born-and-raised, whose parents immigrated from Hong Kong, Louie graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in business. When not working, he can often be found playing video games or binging anime.

Our recap & review segment with Vero & Steve will return on the next episode of OPLA!

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