My insights from 10 days in silence

Boundless Love

Mar 1 2024 • 37 mins


In this episode I share my insights from 10 days in silence:

  • Merging with Great Void and the “seduction” game of the mind
  • The gift of my former relationship and the break up
  • The real meaning of the assault I experienced
  • How the light of consciousness is here to help us clear the timelines we no longer choose to engage with
  • Why retreats are so important for anyone who wants to be completely free and open to your full potential in this Life.

Sardinia Immersion Fields of Grace and Ecstatic Remembrance LIVE are both happening this May ✨ both live events will be next level JUICY.

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00:01 - Back from immersing myself into my inner cosmos
02:33 - Direct experiences of limitlessness
02:55 - Home is not questionable
04:00 - Challenges coming up
06:10 - Basking in God’s Love
09:00 - Buying into limitations
09:30 - Merging with the Divine and going beyond the game
10:40 - Being cleansed by the light of your own Being
11:15 - Completions
16:00 - Running Mystery Immersions
21:30 - Cracking codes at an accelerated level
22:40 - Every Human experience is a portal for you
23:10 - Leaning into Life
24:00 - You are free in you essence
25:55 - The Path of cosmic love making with your own essence
27:45 - Coming to live
32:00 - Coming up: Fields of Grace Mystery Immersion in Sardinia
33:55 - Ecstatic Remembrance LIVE 2024, 3-day in-person event

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