Erotic Embodiment as the key to your Supreme Destiny in relationships, purpose and wealth

Boundless Love

Apr 10 2024 • 26 mins


Today marked the fourth session of our transformative journey through the 28 Days of Surrender as a part of prep-work for Ecstatic Remembrance, and what a session it was! Streaming from a special place, surrounded by provocative art, I shared insights and practices aimed at deepening our connection with ourselves and each other.

From the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, I'm embracing a journey of transition, one that promises exciting destinations and new experiences yet to be revealed. But amidst this whirlwind, the support and presence of dear friends like Jasmine have left me feeling deeply held.

This year’s Ecstatic Remembrance is dedicated to the work of Erotic Embodiment. Which means:

  • Opening the energy body to a new level of power.
  • Clearing imprints from the old partners.
  • Releasing contraction do shame.
  • Harmonising in Sacred Union in the highest meeting of the Masculine and Feminine.
  • And finally… living an orgasmic Life and shining in your radiance as a conduit for Divine Light…

In service to the Highest Evolution of Humankind.

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