Live open as Love

Boundless Love

Dec 13 2023 • 23 mins


In this episode I talk about how when you focus on what matters, you bring forth what matters. And for every single woman that is coming into profound intimacy with the truth of existence, with Love. Because you are Love.

This is the Feminine path and I am honoured to invite you to walk it together.

If you feel called..

Then Come, my Love is the perfect gift to yourself. Find the details about Come, my Love here:

There are 3 ways to walk the path:

  1. Come, my Love on its own is a brilliant choice – with its 10 modules we cover every step of attracting and thriving in Love.
  2. Adding Emotional Mastery Program is something I highly recommend because it will teach you how to express emotions without guarding your heart and therefore creating even deeper emotional connection with your beloved. Plus, it will facilitate the healing of the emotional wounds – your own and those stored in your DNA + coming from past life experiences.
  3. If you desire to receive direct support and mentorship from me – then Come, my Love Temple is an excellent choice. This offer is exclusive to the participants of Come, my Love. Outside of that, it’s not possible to work so closely with me for just 1 month.

This Program is running live starting from the 15th of December.

00:01 - Living with an open Heart
02:10 - Prioritising your Heart
03:35 - Becoming judgemental towards yourself
04:11 - Loving the mind
06:00 - When you are trying to make it work
08:15 - You deserve to be held
09:00 - Abandoning your heart
10:10 - Healing through wounds
11:30 - The perfect mirror to discover yourself
13:50 - The true Feminine path
14:40 - Cultivating a solid inner Masculine to fully embody the Feminine Heart
17:00 - Blossoming of the Heart
20:50 - Daring to embody the woman that you are
21:00 - 3 ways to dive deep into the Feminine path

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