Wealth, Love, Success and being non-relatable

Boundless Love

Oct 20 2023 • 27 mins


I haven’t been sharing what’s been actually going on in my Life because I a) was speechless and b) I thought no one could relate to this so why even bother talking about it.

But I had enough of silencing myself and here we go - sharing some totally unrelatable things and loving it.

What expansion of wealth, love and success actually require.
And how God and Wealth fit into one sentence (perfectly).

At Ecstatic Remembrance I’ll be guiding you into remembering your own Limitlessness, way beyond trying to be relatable.

It’s going to be a celebration.

Early bird pricing expires tomorrow.

🔥 Join us here: https://sofiasundari.com/ecstatic-remembrance

In this episode I cover:
00:00 Introduction
01:14 Being Relatable or Not
03:22 The Path of a Pioneer
03:46 Your Dharma Chooses You
04:33 Sharing the Truth of Me
05:03 Wealth in the Context of Spirituality
06:16 People Die from Disconnection
07:13 Russian Wealth Codes
13:22 Freedom Expressed through Wealth
14:17 God and Wealth
15:52 Limitless in Love, Success, and Wealth
16:22 Practices to Expand into Limitlessness
17:00 Are You Really Saying Yes?
19:40 To Grow Means to Live
21:35 My Expansion in Love
23:29 What Are You Waiting For?
24:20 I Am Not Going Anywhere
25:09 Ecstatic Remembrance - Finding God in Life

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