Orbital Blues: Session 3 - “Express Yourself”

My First Dungeon

Oct 31 2023 • 1 hr 56 mins

At the Undercarriage Bar there’s one question on everyone’s mind: Where is Indie Carter?

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Shenuque Tissera as Kumari, “The Boss”

Carolyn Page as Eli O’Conner, “The Lonely Heart”

Drakoniques as Blank, “The Quick”

Elliot Davis as Ward Jackson, “The Regret”

Abby Hepworth as Maria James, “The Brick in the Wall”

Brian Flaherty as The Storyteller

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Orbital Blues is published by Soul Muppet Publishing

Edited & Sound Designed by Brian Flaherty

Original Theme Song and Character Themes by BE/HOLD

Produced by Many Sided Media

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