Rom Com Drama Bomb

My First Dungeon

Feb 14 2024 • 2 hrs 50 mins


Love is strange. Sometimes it finds you at the office…. Sometimes it finds you over a cup of coffee.... And sometimes it finds you with a bomb strapped to your heart and an evil maniac forcing you to perform in a fucked up romantic comedy….

This is that third kind of love.


Superdillin as Freddie Prinze Jr.

Brian Flaherty as Chaz

Abby Hepworth as Carl

Rom Com Drama Bomb is a storytelling game for 3 players. Over the course of 90 minutes—the perfect rom com length—you will play out the trope-fueled scenes of a romantic comedy with a maniacal twist:

Play as two people who shouldn't fall in love and the evil villain who will stop at nothing to make sure they do.


Rom Com Drama Bomb was designed by Elliot Davis

Edited & Sound Designed by Brian Flaherty

Original Theme Song by BE/HOLD

Additional Music and SFX courtesy of

Produced by Many Sided Media

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