Episode 131: Turning Point 2008

My World with Jeff Jarrett

Nov 7 2023 • 2 hrs 37 mins

This week on My World, Jeff and Conrad are turning the clock back 15 years to review Turning Point 2008! Topics include the early days of the Main Event Mafia, the purpose of the TNA Legends Championship, a worked shoot from Scott Steiner, Scott Hall and ICP invading TNA, and much more! Special thanks to this week's sponsors! CrowdHealth- CrowdHealth was created to get rid of the headaches of health insurance. Visit JoinCrowdHealth.com and use Code WRESTLE to get started today for just $99 per month for the first three months. FUM- Join Füm in accelerating humanity's breakup from destructive habits - Visit TryFum.com and use code MYWORLD to save 10% off when you get the Journey pack today. BlueChew- Try BlueChew FREE when you use our promo code MYWORLD at checkout--just pay $5 shipping. bluechew.com Factor- Head to FACTORMEALS.com/MYWORLD50 and use code MYWORLD50 to get 50% off your first box FOLLOW ALL OF OUR SOCIAL MEDIA at MyWorldPod.com On AdFreeShows.com, you get early, ad-free access to more than a dozen of your favorite wrestling podcasts, starting at just $9! And now, you can enjoy the first week...completely FREE! Sign up for a free trial - and get a taste of what Ad Free Shows is all about. Start your free trial today at AdFreeShows.com If your business targets 25-54 year old men, there's no better place to advertise than right here with us on My World with Jeff Jarrett. You've heard us do ads for some of the same companies for years...why? Because it works! And with our super targeted audience, there's very little waste. Go to AdvertiseWithJarrett.com now and find out more about advertising with My World with Jeff Jarrett. Get all of your My World with Jeff Jarrett merchandise at https://boxofgimmicks.com/collections/my-world-with-jeff-jarrett Logos and album art by Dominic DeAngelo Videos edited and uploaded by Marcus DeAngelo Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices