GPT-3 | ChatGPT Under the Hood | Natural Language Processing | Episode 2

Super Prompt: Generative AI w/ Tony Wan

Jan 2 2023 • 29 mins

I speak again with my friend, Maroof Farooq, an AI engineer at Nvidia. [Note: Maroof's views are his own, and not that of his employer.]  We discuss a breakthrough in natural language processing AI called GPT3 created by the research lab, OpenAI. This episode was recorded prior to the launch of ChatGPT (chatbot built on top of GPT-3) and is a good introduction on how GPT works under the hood. We dive into supervised vs. unsupervised learning, what GPT3 stands for (spoiler alert: Generative Pre-trained Transformer), what the heck those words mean, and how GPT3 can impersonate famous people like Isaac Asimov, Isaac Newton, the Hulk (yeah, the buff, green superhero), and someday… YOU! Please enjoy this episode.

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