AI Voice Profiling Revolutionizes Healthcare | Are You Sick by the Sound of Your Voice | CTO/Entrepreneur Mario Arancibia | Episode 9

Super Prompt: Generative AI w/ Tony Wan

Feb 20 2023 • 1 hr 1 min

I speak with CTO and Chilean entrepreneur Mario Arancibia, about AI his company has developed and deployed which screens for diseases, such as Covid-19 based on the sound of our voice. Speaking a simple phrase into your phone, such as the days of the week, the AI can tell based on your voice profile if you have Covid. Or not. The AI can be trained to screen for other respiratory illnesses, and conditions as far ranging as obesity, and drug  alcohol use. All from  the sound of our voice. Soon AI will know more about your health than you do. [Note: Mario's views are his own, and not necessarily that of his company.]

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