AI Cheatsheet #2 | How do ChatGPT, GPT-3, and Large Language Models (LLMs) relate? | Episode 12

Super Prompt: Generative AI w/ Tony Wan

May 15 2023 • 22 mins

"How do ChatGPT, GPT-3, and Large Language Models (LLMs) relate?"

That is the question we explore this episode via

  1. Nursery rhyme
  2. A satirical Friend's episode w/ Chandler, Joey, Ross, and Monica
  3. Fairy Tale

We also examine the hierarchal order of: artificial intelligence, neural network, large language model,  GPT-3, chatGPT. And why I got the order  wrong initially. Hint: I reversed chatGPT and GPT-3.

In these solo episodes, I provide more definition, explanation, and context than my regular episodes. The goal is to bring those new to AI up to speed.

Format: Letters read aloud.

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