AI Cheatsheet #3 | ChatGPT's Secret Sauce: Self-Attention | Why isn't Superman's suit Kryptonite-proof? | Training & Inference | Large Language Models (LLMs) | Episode 13

Super Prompt: Generative AI w/ Tony Wan

May 29 2023 • 18 mins

Using the prompt, "Why isn't Superman's suit Kryptonite-proof?", we learn how Large Language Models are trained,  why "self-attention" and the "transformer" architecture (which is what the T in GPT stands for) makes GPT-3 so powerful, the process of "inference", and how chatGPT generates answers to nerdy Superhero questions. After this episode, you'll be able to impress your friends by using the previously-mentioned AI jargon in complete sentences.

In these solo episodes, I provide more definition, explanation, and context than my regular episodes with guests. The goal is to bring up to speed, those new to AI.

Format: Letters read aloud.

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