Level: 077: From Vikings to Video Games F.T. Ethan Close Viking Trickshot Dev

Three Extra Lives

Jul 5 2021 • 27 mins

Thom is joined by developer Ethan Close of recently fully launched Viking Trickshot to discuss switching professions, launching your first indie game, inspirations behind the title, & much more!

Ethan Close is one half of the development team of Viking Trickshot (Doodad Games) a throwing physics challenge game set in a bizarre Viking universe. Ethan joins Thom to discuss what is was like switching professions to become an Indie Game developer, some of the challenges to overcome, inspirations behind the title, and much more!

You can follow Ethan on Twitter or on Instagram.

Find Viking Trickshot on Steam here:

And also one of Ethan's upcoming projects FrankenStorm:

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Special Guest: Ethan Close.

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