Level 080: A Gaming Rewind with RetroAchievements

Three Extra Lives

Jan 26 2022 • 8 mins

Achievements in my Retro Games... WHAT!?

Three Extra Lives has returned after the hiatus and has made a few changes along the way. The show will now only feature one segment per level, however, shows will now be released on a regular basis to offset this. Trivia will now be featured at the end of the show in a 'Trivia Gaunlet', how well will you do! This means more levels and more trivia, woo!

On this level, Thom is talking about RetroArch which allows you to play retro games on your PC and RetroAchievements.Org which allows you to play these games from back in the game and master certain achievement sets that the community of RetroAchievements has created.

How many lives did you get on this Level? Why not let me know over on Twitter ? 👾

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