Harley-Davidson X440 | MotorInc First S01E03

MotorInc First

Jul 19 2023 • 36 mins

The buzz before the Harley-Davidson X440 launch was that Hero and Harley-Davidson's new motorcycle, plus the Triumph Speed and Scrambler 400 X, would spell trouble for the Royal Enfield Classic 350. But after Shumi rode the X440, for a short time around the Hero R&D centre in Jaipur, he thinks there's more to the story than just whether the X440 is a Classic-killer.

- CHAPTERS 00:00 Let's Set Context

02:08 XR Reference?

03:10 Is It Chinese?

06:12 The Hero Harley Challenge

07:30 How Does the X440 Sound?

10:55 The X440 Engine Experience

13:36 The X440 Cornering Experience

16:06 Is It Pillion Friendly?

16:48 Will X440 Tour?

17:24 Harley Accessories?

18:20 Fitting Into Harley Lifestyle

19:43 Harley-Davidson X440 Design

21:57 Harley-Davidson X440 Finish/Build

24:55 Coming to Hero Showrooms... What?

25:54 What Else Is Coming

28:33 The Best X440 Variant To Buy

29:16 X440 Rivals

30:05 Harley X440 vs Royal Enfield Classic 350

31:10 Your Questions


MotorInc First is a discussion between experts Kartikeya Singhee and Shumi (Shubhabrata Marmar), co-founders of MotorInc on new vehicles. Each episode will discuss one vehicle in great detail, covering the experience of driving or riding it, as well as what it means for the industry.




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