Tata Nexon (Petrol, Diesel) | MotorInc First S01E12

MotorInc First

Oct 3 2023 • 44 mins

The Tata Nexon has been updated. Enough for us to think about it as a full-on mid-life refresh but not enough to think it's a brand-new SUV. The updated styling will wow people and Tata's updated the car in many significant ways. Kartikeya breaks down the petrol and diesel Nexon on MotorInc First, while Shumi fumes about the Nexon's new 'personas'. This is part 1, we're discussing the Tata Nexon EV in the next episode of MotorInc First. ~ MotorInc First is a discussion between experts Kartikeya Singhee and Shumi (Shubhabrata Marmar), co-founders of MotorInc on new vehicles. Each episode will discuss one vehicle in great detail, covering the experience of driving or riding it, as well as what it means for the industry. ~ ~ CHAPTER 00:00 Nexon ICE Only? 01:36 An Old Platform 03:39 Platforms, Hedged 04:56 Almost There, Again! 06:28 Nexon Design 09:12 Nexon Interiors 12:11 Crash Test Improvements 13:42 New Screens Are Cool! 15:10 Driving the Nexon 17:40 PDK Fanboy Moment 18:21 Nexon Engines Part 1 19:12 Nexon Variants 25:16 Back to Personas 26:25 Make It Easier To Choose! 33:07 Quick Mid-Summary 33:54 Best Variant? 34:25 Nexon Pricing 35:33 vs Sonet 36:30 Suspension Updates 38:11 Nexon Engines Part 2 39:35 Rear Seat Experience 40:50 Connectivity 41:36 Finish Issues 42:47 Closing Comments ~ #Mahindra #XUV4OO #XUV400 #Electric #SUV #ElectricVehicle #XUV300 #MotorInc #Comparo #Comparison #NewSUV #NewCar #tata #tatanexon Motor Inc #tatanexonev #tatanexonevmax #MotorincBalance #tatanexonevprime #nexonevmax #KiaSonet #MarutiSuzukiBrezza