TVS X Electric Scooter | MotorInc First S01E17

MotorInc First

Nov 5 2023 • 45 mins

The TVS X is TVS' expensive new electric flagship product – bookings are open but the X is not on sale yet. Shumi got a chance to ride a near-final TVS X electric scooter briefly. On MotorInc First, he's explains to Kartikeya Singhee what's new and what's what.


MotorInc First is a discussion between experts Kartikeya Singhee and Shumi (Shubhabrata Marmar), co-founders of MotorInc on new vehicles. Each episode will discuss one vehicle in great detail, covering the experience of driving or riding it, as well as what it means for the industry.



00:00 Short First Ride

01:25 Availability

01:53 Design & Styling

05:12 Under the Skin

07:02 Pricing!

09:14 Fun To Ride?

12:25 How's It To Ride?

14:06 TVS' Hosur Track

15:23 Ride Quality

16:32 Practical Scooter?

19:48 A New TVS

21:24 IRL Hopes

22:22 Riding Modes

24:04 Won't Sell Well

24:31 The Next X

25:50 Screens & Software

28:07 Regen Presets

29:44 Power Switch Issues

31:49 Mode Change Rethink?

33:02 TVS Service

33:33 Kartikeya's Summary

39:08 Closing Comments

41:58 Test Ride Stories


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