[Ep.8]Just MOVE


May 31 2022 • 1 hr 57 mins

This week we talk for too long about the benefits of just making the move you’ve been considering forever!! Whether it’s a first-time move, solo, or with a family it is possible and it is the BEST thing you can do for yourself if you’re on the fence. We have tips and tricks and some huge “what not to do’s”

Before we talk about moving we discuss the mass shooting of 21 children and teachers that happened last week, and our grieving process and anger about the non-stop violence and lack of gun regulation. We’re so sorry and wish we could do anything more tangible.

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Hosts: Alex (@itsalexdesouza) & Chloe (@chhlooeee)

Producer: Ilya (@ilyac19)

Music: Cai Music (@cai_music)

Artwork: Morgane (@morganebarratt / morganebarratt.design)

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