The Mental Health In Environmental Health with Ruchita Chandrashekar

Marine Lines with Raghu Karnad

02-09-2021 • 25 mins

It’s been known for almost a century that life in a big, densely-populated city comes with higher risks of anxiety, depression, or even more serious psychological afflictions. Still our cities are growing – our world is becoming more and more an urban one. Only very few of us can afford to move away to greener pastures in Goa or Uttarakhand. For everyone else, it’s an urgent question – can cities like Mumbai grow, and stop damaging us? How can we put the ‘mental’ back into environmental health?

In this episode, Ruchita Chandrashekar helps Raghu answer these questions. She’s a psychologist from Mumbai, with a special interest in trauma, violence and the ways we view – or hide psychological health in Indian society.