How Leopards See the City with Nikit Surve

Marine Lines with Raghu Karnad

23-07-2021 • 20 mins

Mumbai is like every Indian city, in that it's full of humans, and it's also full of non-humans – we live and let live with street dogs, monkeys, stray cows, and rodents, and we're used to that. But we don't expect to see predatory big cats such as leopards prowling through our colonies or parking garages. In this episode, Raghu is joined by Nikit Surve, a wildlife ecologist who works at the Wildlife Conservation Society WCS India, and he studies the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and spends a lot of time in it. Surve sheds some light on Mumbai’s unique landscape, rescuing leopard cubs, coming face to face with the big cat and co-existing with the predator.