#9 - Sable Creech

Memory Capsule - A Pokemon TCG Podcast

Mar 19 2023 • 1 hr 24 mins

Today’s guest is Sable Creech. Sable is a player, judge, and historian of the Pokemon TCG. They are the manager and admin of Snowpoint Temple, a Facebook group of over 2000 members dedicated to discussing and older Pokemon TCG formats. Sable is also an active Magic the Gathering player, and can help teach us ignorant Pokemon players about the similarities and differences between our beloved TCGs.

Snowpoint Temple - https://facebook.com/groups/SnowpointTemple

PTCGArchive - https://ptcgarchive.com/

PTCGLegends - https://ptcglegends.com/

Dicebreaker - https://www.dicebreaker.com/


Sable's Twitter - https://twitter.com/thaDifftcg

Podcast Twitter - https://twitter.com/MemCapPodcast

Host Twitter - https://twitter.com/RZGladysz