#11 - Christian Fontenot

Memory Capsule - A Pokemon TCG Podcast

Apr 8 2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

Today’s guest is Christian Fontenot. Christian is a self-described Regi expert, a deck whose loss we will be mourning during our talk today. After getting top 64 at Indianapolis with Rapid Strike Malamar, Christian picked up Regis and never looked back. He’s made 6 day 2s with the deck, including a top 8 placement at Arlington Regionals. Outside of his Regis knowledge, Christian brings a unique perspective to the Pokemon TCG. He has lived in both the United States and Europe, and has achieved invites to Worlds as a representative of Denmark and the US. We will discuss the similarities and differences between the EU and NA metagames, as well as touch on the Scarlet/Violet meta and our expectations for EUIC.


Christian's Twitter - https://twitter.com/SticksPTCG

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