Episode 7: Strong Like a Girl - Part 1

We The Wild Ones

Jun 4 2021 • 36 mins

Over the past winter, I finally found a girl gang I could climb with consistently at the gym. And it’s such a different feeling climbing with just women. We got to talk about all the girl things that maybe you might not talk about with a male partner. There was no feeling of competition against each other, only ourselves and so much encouragement.

This experience over the winter, got me thinking about how cool it would be to have a podcast episode about all the strong climber lady crushers out there. So, I spammed the climbing Facebook forums I was a member of, pestered my friends for voice submissions, and repeated the process.

And the submissions I have gotten are amazing. So amazing that I’ve decided to split this episode into two parts. In part one, Kristine shares her struggles climbing with her male partner and how she learned to no longer try for his approval after a few cutting comments shook her confidence in herself. She struggled to have confidence in herself even after doing some tougher climbs with her partner. Kristine told her partner that she was submitting to this podcast and he took a moment to apologize for the comments he had made in the past. Sometimes, maybe more for us ladies than the men, words like that stick with us. One comment about how we can’t climb, how we aren’t strong, or whatever it may be, stick with us for a while. It’s like anything, one bad comment derails all the other good comments we might have gotten.

And you’re not alone in this feeling.

Thanks to Max Kerner for the music and Kayne for my logo!

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