Secret of Peacock's Feathers (मोर के पंख का रहस्य)

Indian Folk Stories

27-10-2020 • 8 mins

A North Eastern Folktale
This folk story for kids from the land of North East India, and specifically from the Khasi Tribe, tells the popular folklore about the secret behind peacock's colorful feathers. As per the legend, the peacock used to have normal grey colored feathers, and influenced by the prompting of his fellow birds, he took the flight to the sky to reach Ka Sngi. Ka Sngi - the sun goddess - kept the peacock with her in the blue skies and the peacock's fellow birds have to trick him up to get him back to the earth.
Listen to this short kid's podcast to hear the legend of the local people of Khasi Tribe in North East India.

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