The Clever Jackal (चतुर सियार)

Indian Folk Stories

26-06-2021 • 6 mins

It is a legendary Indian folk story.

Once upon a time, a lion was trapped in a cage. He tried to escape but was unsuccessful. Finally, he saw a brahmin crossing the road and pleaded with him for help. First, the brahmin hesitated but on repeated requests, he agreed. But as soon as the lion was out, he pounced on the brahmin to devour him.

Brahmin was sorry for his foolishness that he trusted a wild beast. He pleaded with the lion to allow him to ask three questions to which the lion agreed. Brahmin asked a question each to a tree, an ox and the road but all of them told him that life is ungrateful and he should accept his fate.

Finally, he met a jackal who asked him his story. Upon hearing everything, the jackal offered to help the Brahmin.

Listen to the podcast to find out who the jackal used his wit to help the brahmin.

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