Businessmen & Thieves (व्यपारी और लुटेरे)

Indian Folk Stories

17-03-2021 • 3 mins

A South Indian Folk story. Read our stories in Hindi below.

Once there lived 10 businessmen in a village who all used to sell clothes for a living. One day after earning a lot of money they were returning back home but were attacked by a group of thieves in the jungle. The thieves were all armed but the businessmen had nothing but clothes. The thieves took everything away from them. The businessmen were just left with a pair of clothes each to wear.

The thieves did not just leave the poor people on that, they made all businessmen dance and sing for fun. Suddenly, the leader of the businessmen had an idea. He shared his plan of rescuing themselves through a code language. Listen to our podcast to know whether they were successful in their plan or not.

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