What is it like to be a mom and how can we create a tribe?

Harvesting U: A Momma Community

Nov 4 2021 • 16 mins

On today's episode, we're talking about what it's like becoming a mom, what it's like to be a momma, and why creating a tribe of supportive friends is important. A support network is essential in any momma's life. Whether you are a married mom, single mom, divorced mom, working mom, stay-at-home mom, new mom, caregiver mom, step-mom, grandma, auntie, single dad who fills that momma role, or just thinking about becoming a mom, a network of supportive family and friends can make a huge difference in how big we can live. Having suport and being supportive allows all of us to create and manifest our dreams for ourselves and nourish our children's dreams.  But, not everyone has a built-in network of family who is available and able to show up for us. Sometimes we have to create our tribe. Choose those who show up for you, and show up for them in return.  So what is a momma? Is there a difference between being a mom and being a momma? How do you know how to create a tribe? How can we better parent our kids? We're talking abuot what it means to be a momma, raising teen boys, why starting that tribe early is important, dealing with kids and screen time, and navigating parenthood during the pandemic.  Tune in and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter @harvestingU. We'd love to hear from you! Aubrey & Theresa