How can we find and become supportive friends?

Harvesting U: A Momma Community

Nov 11 2021 • 40 mins

On today's episode, we're talking about how to be a supportive friend. Showing up and being supportive is essential in authentic friendships. But how do we know how to be supportive, and what are the warning signs when it's time to pull back from a friendship that isn't working? And how can we be a supportive momma and help our kids navigate their relationships? Theresa and Aubrey breakdown the essentials of supportive friendships, why supporting each other on social media may not be enough, finding balance in friendships that feel comfortable to you, how to show we care during the tough times, and how to assess your friendships for real.  Not every friendship lasts forever, and not every person is a good fit for us in every stage of our lives. And sometimes it's hard to navigate the rocky roads of friendships when we've been friends for a long time. Both Aubrey and Theresa are grateful for nourishing friendships they've enjoyed since childhood, they've had friendships that have faded, and other relationships that have simmered for a while and come back stronger than ever.  Tune into this honest conversation about friendship, and check in with the friends who fill you up and consider their suggestions for how to show that you care beyond social media. Tune in and connect with Aubrey and Theresa on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter @harvestingU. What would you like us to talk about next? Share your #momlife stories, successes, and dilemmas. We'd love to hear from you! Live big & love bigger, Aubrey & Theresa HarvestingU