Kids Transitioning into Teenagers

Harvesting U: A Momma Community

Feb 17 2022 • 41 mins

Our kids are growing up, and asserting independence appropriately and inappropriately (at times). It takes patience and understanding, plus a whole pile of parenting tools and teamwork to get through this challenging years.  As our kids feel like they are grown-up 'enough' to know it all, they also need us in so many ways, too. It's a struggle on both sides.  In this conversation, Aubrey and Theresa talk about a few ways they are dealing with this transition and strategies that are helping make it easier for their kids and themselves as parents.  How are you dealing with your teens? Any advice for parents who haven't started on this 'adventure'?  Harvesting U is a process of nurturing, practicing, and assessing our skills and talents to live big and love bigger. Learn more about Harvesting U.