My Hero Academia Podcast 233- Anime 124-125

My Hero Academia Podcast

Dec 21 2022 • 1 hr 10 mins

Welcome to episode 233 of the My Hero Academia Podcast. This week  Kendra is joined by special guest Solomon Martinez (@KingSolomander) and returning guest Robert (@mastermindrob7) from @dadneedstotalk

We cover the news (2:13), and interview Solomon (13:20). The interview does contain some spoilers but the major one is 15:06- 15:30.

We discuss ep 11/124 Dabi Dances (23:40) and take listener thoughts on the episode (31:49). Then we cover ep 12/125 Threads of Hope (36:12) and answer an email (45:48).  We discuss our spoiler thoughts on both episodes (52:49) and round it out (1:04:06).

And a big thank you to our patrons  Trainee: Zachary, That1Welder Guy, Jenna, Kendra, The Real Jory, and Robert. Pro Heros: Yuriko and Morgan

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