Famous Worlds Teams: How does it all work? With TGLC Team Mom, Kristen Brooks

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Jan 17 2024 • 44 mins

I had the honor of talking with not just a fellow, Kristen, not just a fellow cheer mom, but a cheer mom named Kristen, who is also one of the team moms for my favorite team, TGLC, a back-to-back World Champion.

TGLC dominates every competition that they're in. Everyone wants to know what TGLC theme is going to be, what their uniform is going to look like. Every athlete wants to take pictures with a TGLC athlete when they see them at competitions. They are famous. And if you've listened to the podcasts, I am a big fan.

Kristen takes care of TGLC athletes in such a special way, so she gives us a little peek at what it is like behind the scenes for TGLC athletes and her take on how and why they are such a successful team. She talks about some of the things that go into making that successful team, and she answers the question of how do they actually feel about being asked to take selfies. And how the moms feel about their kids being asked to take selfies. I loved this conversation.

If you see her at a cheer competition, give her a fist bump, a high five, a hug. Tell her thank you. She is the real deal when it comes to cheer moms. Take a listen.

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