WTH with Evergrande? - Perfunktory

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Nov 13 2021 • 7 mins

There was a brief news on 11th November, 2021 that Evergrande, the second largest real estate developer in China, has officially defaulted on its bonds. It was unable to make the required interest payments of $148 million in time. Although there was a follow up to that news that they met a deadline to pay overdue interest on three US-dollar bonds before their grace period ended, a report said Thursday, signalling it had averted another potential default and triggering a rally in their shares. Evergrande was up 8.4 percent in Hong Kong morning trade. But what exactly happened with Evergrande and what led to this situation that it is in right now?

#14 - Evergrande: Is it 2008 all over again? 📉 - https://bit.ly/3hOlqip

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