WTH with NFTs? - Perfunktory

What's The Hype? with Perfunktory

Oct 15 2021 • 8 mins

Let me guess: You’ve been hearing about NFTs from every Crypto bro on your Instagram feed, your WhatsApp group which discusses investments all day or even your favourite ‘Life Guru’ preaching to you about their NFTs rather than life lessons and you’re just wondering - WHAT ARE NFTs?

Welcome to the first episode of What's The Hype? with Perfunktory. My name is Ravdeep Anand and together, we'll be going on a journey of 20 episodes for our first season. I had been thinking about starting a podcast since a while and I believe there couldn't be a better time to begin than now. I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing but the good folks at India Film Project and Anchor by Spotify have been helping out with a lot.

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