WTH with DAOs? (Part 2) - Perfunktory

What's The Hype? with Perfunktory

Jan 22 2022 • 6 mins

Alright, time to get back to the question, What's the Hype with DAOs? In the last episode, we discussed what DAOs are, how do they work and why we need them. Plus, we took a quick look at the differences between DAOs and traditional organisations. For this podcast episode, we're going to get into more technical details, talk about the 'Original DAO', types of DAOs and different types of memberships. Let's begin!

In today's episode, we discuss:

1. (01:28) Story of the 'Original DAO' 🏚

2. (03:11) Types of DAOs 🗂

3. (05:07) Types of DAO memberships 📝

DAOs: Decentralized Autonomous Organisations 🏢 (Part 2) - Click Here

Welcome back to a brand new episode of What's The Hype? with Perfunktory. I hope you all are following your new year resolutions and I hope you continue to do so till at least February. Personally, I haven’t set any resolutions for this year because I started making the changes I wanted to implement this year from early December itself, but I can’t deny the boost in productivity that you get at the start of a new year. Everything seems possible and the year promises to be the best one ever. I hope it turns out to be a brilliant year for you, definitely one for the books!

Before we move forward, I strongly urge all of you to take utmost care of yourself and your family since COVID cases are on the rise again. Hope that it does not get to the level of the second wave which was devastating. Take care and mask up!

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