EP. 435: Invitation to Flavortown

The Baller Lifestyle Podcast

Aug 17 2022 • 1 hr 41 mins

Brian Beckner and long time friend of the show @DolamiteD sit down to discuss the Travis Rodgers bump, the Highlander, orcas, Kyrie Irvings, JR Smith, the Dairy Queen curse, 17 ghost peppers, judo Gene Lebell, Rodolfo Castro losing his phone at third base, DeShaun Watson apologizes, JJ Watt encounters snake, AZ Cardinals are little bitches, Blake Bortles is #dickedup, Marshawn Lynch got a three-wheel DUI, groom ambushes bride by playing sex tape at wedding, Bob Odenkirk's foot fetishism and MORE.

*a comedy podcast about sports, pop culture, movies and dicks*

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