Partnership Lessons from Scaling Stripe & Notion from Zero to billions with Cristina Cordova


16-05-2022 • 53 mins

On this episode of the Traction podcast, host Lloyed Lobo of Boast.AI welcomes Cristina Cordova, Partner at First Round Capital.

Partnerships are one of the most effective forms of marketing, but one of the most difficult to predict and scale.

In this session, Cristina pulls from across her decade-long career running partnerships at Stripe and Notion to share the inside scoop on deals that had an unexpected outsized impact — as well as the ones that went sideways.

Specifically, Cristina discusses:

2:09 - What are partnerships, why do they matter, and the different types of partnerships?

14:14 - How partnerships are different from referral programs

17:10 - When is the right time to do partnerships?

23:44 - Tips and tactics for reaching out to partners early on

34:01 - Where to find partners

36:46 - Top 3 things to stop doing with partnership outreach

47:14 - How to determine when to hire the first partnership person

56:29 - How to get partners to keep driving your agenda

1:06:00 - Books and podcasts Cristina highly recommends

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