Trello’s Journey From Idea to 20M Users and $425M Exit with Michael Pryor, Trello


11-05-2022 • 28 mins

On this episode of the Traction podcast, host Lloyed Lobo of Boast.AI features a fireside chat between Michael Pryor, Cofounder at Trello and Frederic Lardinois from TechCrunch at Traction Conf.

When Atlassian acquired Trello for $425 Million in 2017, the product had nearly 20 million users, all through word-of-mouth.

In this session, Michael shares his journey building Trello from idea to exit and discusses how to build products that everyone loves.

Specifically, Michael covers:

1:32 - Coming up with the idea and the launch process

10:45 - Prioritizing what to build: why you shouldn’t listen to feature requests

17:16 - How Trello started monetizing

19:30 - How to get most people to love you

23:58 - Adding sales reps in addition to word-of-mouth growth

25:34 - How did Trello’s acquisition by Atlassian come about

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