Shri Ganesh Leela


Shri Ganesh Leela is a set of 12 stories from the lives and childhood of Lord Ganesh that are very popular in the Hindu religion. Created by Goddess Parvati, Ganesh is considered the younger son of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati and his elder sibling is Kartikeyan. Since childhood, Ganesh was full of courage and valor and had defeated many powerful gods and demons in order to perform his duties.

These stories start from Lord Ganesh’s birth to the point where he starts to perform miracles with his divine powers. This podcast is a great way to introduce anyone, including children, to Hindu mythology and familiarize themselves with various gods and goddesses.

Disclaimer: Any mythological story is bound to have many versions as these stories are passed verbally from one generation to another. Hence, even for Ganesh stories, there are multiple versions available. This podcast is based on the book of Ganesh Puran and we have tried our best to keep the story true to the official narrative. But we do appreciate that people may have different opinions and beliefs and our intention is never to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments.

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